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Certificate Link Program for
Advanced Biomedical Engineering

Duration: 3 Months

Mode Of Class : Offline

Certificate Link Program for
Advanced Biomedical Engineering



  • Classroom Session: Classroom Theoretical Sessions

  • Practical Session: Hands on Training

  • Software Session: AutoCAD

  • Onsite Session: Internship in Industries or Hospitals

​Soft Skill Development Sessions:

  • Motivational Sessions on Personal Orientation

  • Attitude Nurturing

  • Personality Development

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Language Skills

  • Communication-Oral & Written

  • Interview Cracking Methods

  • Basic Life Support and First Aid

  • Measuring, Recording and Monitoring Instruments
    We prepare for different bio-signal recorders which are an integral part of medical diagnosis and treatment control mechanism. Patient monitoring systems continuously monitor patients' vital signs to detect and record changes in patient condition. These instruments for vital part of the first line support for healthcare practitioners. Duration : 6 Hours
  • Modern Imaging/ Diagnostic Systems
    In this module we discuss about modern imaging procedures, equipment which are crucial for accurate disease diagnosis. Given the improvements in modern imaging, the condition requires elective treatment. We also give an overview of regulatory requirements for modern imaging systems in a hospital. Duration : 18 Hours
  • Therapeutic Instruments
    A therapeutic device is any item, substance, or chemical that, whether used or implanted within or outside the body, offers therapeutic and/or cosmetic benefits by mechanical, structural, electrical, ultrasonic, thermal, or radiological means. Duration : 12 Hours
  • Central Laboratory and POC testing system
    Clinical Laboratory is crucial to every hospital to provide accurate diagnosis.We help a biomedical professional to understand the full operations and workflow of a laboratory and provide information to help them prepare plans to setup a laboratory from the beginning. Point-of-care testing (POCT) is used to quickly test for parameters at the patient's bedside. Duration : 16 Hours
  • Dental Clinics and Dental Labs
    Dental instruments are equipment that dental practitioners use to perform dental procedures, for examining, cleaning, restoring, and removing teeth and oral structures. Dental health is very vital to our overall wellbeing. A modern dental clinic comprises of hundreds of instruments. In this module we give an insight into the operations and instruments used in dental clinics. Duration : 16 Hours
  • Central Sterile Supply Department and Healthcare Waste Management
    Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD), in hospitals is a centralized location where sterilization and other tasks are carried out on medical supplies, equipment, and consumables to ensure items that come in contact with the patient are sterile and do not spread in diseases. All waste produced by healthcare facilities is referred to as healthcare waste must be properly disposed. In this module we introduce biomedical engineers to CSSD procedures and healthcare waste management protocols. Duration : 5 Hours
  • Modern Operation Theatre
    Modern operating theater concepts incorporates modern surgical instruments, lifesaving and life sustaining equipment, infection control, air flow systems, all in an aseptic environment to help surgeons and nurses. Designing and planning an OT suite require lot of experience. We aim to give a detailed overview on a Modern OT suite to Biomedical graduate. Duration : 16 Hours
  • Modern Intensive Care Unit, Emergency Room and Triage
    An intensive care unit (ICU) is a unique division of a hospital or medical facility that offers intense and critical care support to patients. Emergency room is an area that is prepared to receive and provide emergency medical care for patients. This module includes the critical care instruments and lifesaving equipment used in this area as well as the modern designs for a critical care specialty. Duration : 10 Hours
  • Urology, Nephrology
    Medical specialty of nephrology focuses on identifying and treating kidney-related illnesses. In this module we discus about the instruments and equipment used by urology department in a hospital. Duration : 8 Hours
  • Equipment Planning, workflow & design
    One of the major roles a Biomedical Engineer plays in a hospital is in planning and designing different specialties. In this module we take you through different processes involved in planning and designing, preparing layouts, Bill of quantities, cost estimation, work and project flow diagrams and processes, review of loaded drawings, and work schedules. Duration : 20 Hours
  • Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy
    Physiotherapy is centered on a person's mobility requirements, providing therapy and Rehabilitation to enhance, preserve, and restore their complete range of motion and functional abilities. In this module we introduce biomedical engineer to the different instruments related to rehabilitation and recovery in sports medicine, post-surgical care and of persons with disability. Duration : 5 Hours
  • Equipment Safety and Testing
    Equipment Safety and Testing is a crucial part of a biomedical engineer job. Equipment safety and testing extends the life of the equipment and safeguards patients, employees, and assets. Maintenance of equipment and instruments as per manufacturer’s procedures and recommendations, governmental regulations are important. Duration : 5 Hours
  • Quality, Accreditation and Standards
    The focus of the accreditation requirements for hospitals is on patient safety and quality of the delivery of services by the hospitals in a changing healthcare environment. In this module we are providing an overview about the different standards and regulations in healthcare. Duration : 8 Hours
  • Regulatory Affairs, Materiovigilance
    Regulatory affairs talk about the different rules and regulations and post-market surveillance for medical devices adhering to statutory compliance. Medical Writing offers the chance to acquire the necessary skills to prepare documents as required for both regulatory and research. Duration : 4 Hours
  • Self-Development
    Better communication, self-assurance, decision-making, and problem-solving abilities are necessary to a successful career. These abilities improve your chances of succeeding, reaching your goals, and realizing your ambitions. We assist you in developing your communication, personality, attitude and presentation skills. Duration : 12 Hours
  • Ophthalmology
    Ophthalmology, a branch of medicine that specializes in eye health with high-precession equipment, surgical instruments, and tools for tests and treatments. Duration : 8 Hours
  • CAD Designing
    Computer-aided design (CAD) is the act of creating, altering, analyzing, and optimizing designs with a computer or workstation is known as CAD. For this function, a variety of software programs are available; they are referred to as CAD software. This CAD software has significantly increased a designer's productivity. Additionally utilized to raise the caliber of design and communication. Duration : 5 Hours
  • Career Guidance
    For a Biomedical professional there are multiple career opportunities across different industries ranging from hospitals, manufacturers, universities and colleges, Laboratories, and governmental organizations. We conduct aptitude tests, one and one interviews, group discussions as well as understand your area of interest and passion and offer you guidance. Duration : 8 Hours
  • Basic Life Support & First Aid
    Theory and practical Duration : 6 Hours
  • Listen to Industry Expert
    Duration : 2 Hours
  • Internship/hands-on
    Duration : 7 - 14 Days


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