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Healthcare Industry


Bio Medical

Our Biomedical program equips you with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue a wide range of career opportunities in your chosen field. This program helps you effectively plan for equipment in a new dental clinic, design a laboratory and manage sample flow, incorporate quality improvement processes in your workplace, understand the importance of automation and workflow in various specialties, and grasp the fundamentals of quality and regulatory affairs. Furthermore, you will learn about equipment costing, prepare bill of quantities (BOQs), listen to industry experts, enhance your communication and personality skills for interviews, and excel in your profession. Additionally, you will gain knowledge in Basic Life Support.

We provide comprehensive career counselling and guidance to help you discover your passion within the field of Biomedical. This guidance can assist you in making informed decisions regarding your future specialization, especially if you plan to pursue higher education. Our courses are developed by highly experienced professionals and offer a blend of classroom instruction and hands-on training. You will also have the opportunity to participate in short internships at industries or hospitals, allowing you to gain practical experience. We regularly invite industry leaders to share their experiences and provide valuable guidance, enabling you to channel your passion and drive towards a successful career in Biomedical.

Construction Industry


Civil and Construction

This program is engaged in nurturing CONSTRUCTION professionals and students; by empowering them with the adequate skills to bridge the gap between the Academics and the Industry requirements. Our vision is to nurture world class professionals in India and this noble mission is highly appreciated by the Industry experts and defines this mission as the need of the hour to address present day Industry challenges.

  • Industry oriented training on the best practices

  • Unlimited placement opportunities

  • Transforming Students to Professionals

  • Moulding future Industry Leadership

  • Inculcating core professional values in young professionals

Our courses incorporate industry best practices and focus on essential software skills. We utilize 'Candy,' a comprehensive software suite widely used in the construction industry for functions like project management, cost control, scheduling, and financial modelling. This prepares future professionals with vital digital work skills.


  • English Language Course

  • MRCP PACES Program

  • Pharma

We offer both online and offline courses

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