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Adaptive Intelligence & Business Communications

Customized courses designed to bridge gaps, empower skills and enhance employability through classroom and hands-on training.


AutoCAD Training Institute

Why train with QuadLync

QuadLync understands the needs of the industries and offers structured and flexible learning programs both online and offline for graduates. 

QuadLync derives our knowledge and experience from decades of market exposure, to equip, empower and upgrade, thus offer a link from campus to career.

QuadLync helps you to Improve adaptability, Enhance employability, Gain competitiveness and Better earning potential. 


Better Career 



Enhance employability

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Gain competitive advantage


Improve earning  potential


Our Flagship Programs

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Campus to Career  - CTC

QuadLyncs' CTC program enables students to seamlessly transition from campus to the professional world through comprehensive career development

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Continuing Education For Professionals - CEP

The CEP programmes are designed to empower working professionals to enhance their skills and advance their careers.

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We offer both online and offline courses.

Industry Focus

Quad Lync offers comprehensive, specialized courses that are interactive, cutting-edge, and skill-enhancing, led by industry experts.

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Our program assists fresh biomedical graduates, including those in the final year.

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Our program supports aspiring civil graduates, including those in their final year of study.

Education Institute In Kochi

Upgrade Your Skills, Elevate Your Career:

QuadLync Empowers Your Career Journey

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CAD Student in kochi


The program
transformed my career.

I was hesitant to enroll in a biomedical course, but QuadLync exceeded my expectations. The program was well-structured and provided a comprehensive understanding of the field. The instructors were approachable and always willing to help. The internship opportunities allowed me to gain hands-on experience and build my professional network. I feel confident and prepared for my future in the biomedical industry thanks to QuadLync.

- Samuel Joseph, Student

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